Bondie the Riverbend Horse

About Us

Blondie, the Riverbend Horse is a symbol of hope to all of us, who have been gracious enough to have been inspired by her.  As we saw Blondie grazing peacefully, through the fifth story window of our treatment room, we felt comforted.  During the hardest time in our lives, Blondie has inspired hope and a sense of something bigger.  Out of our gratitude and love for Blondie, a nurse friend and I started a new non-profit organization – Blondie, The Riverbend Horse, in 2018.

Our goal is to raise money to meet the tangible needs of Riverbend patients who are facing cancer and other life-threatening illness, in the name of Blondie. We are attempting to raise $25,000 to provide organic food and gift cards, gas cards (for outside Lane County treatment commuters), iPads with Life Proof cases (for those undergoing treatment) and new patient gift bags. We also plan to give back to Blondie herself, by providing her with various supplies she may need to live a happy and comfortable life.

As a brand new non-profit, our needs are great at this time. However we have already received remarkable interest in the Blondie movement, and have been invited to do four fundraisers this year at Riverbend, as well as to participate in the grand opening of the Heartfelt Ronald McDonald House in April. Along with other community events that are scheduled this year, we are steadily gaining momentum.

Any support is greatly appreciated., Thank you.
Sherry Norman

Recent Media

WVCI Apr 24, 2018 – Blondie, an American Quarter Horse, holds a special place in the hearts of many patients at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. When WVCI consolidated its services at its Country Club Road clinic in Eugene, patients worried they would no longer get see Blondie each time they arrived for treatment. One patient spearheaded a special project to relieve those worries.

WVCI Dec 19, 2018 – Sherry Norman knows what it’s like to sit for hours in the infusion room receiving cancer treatment. As a patient at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute, she found hope and inspiration in an unlikely place — in a horse named Blondie. Blondie has now inspired Sherry to help other cancer patients in the community.

Our Team

Sherry Norman


Janie Conner


Julie Beckett


Brian Kraus