Blondie The Riverbend Horse

a non-profit organization

Looks to aid the patients in our local community who struggle financially, emotionally and physically from long-term battles with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.  Born from the passion of a few who have been themselves touched by hope and  unexpected inspiration through a relationship with a humble and most-times muddy quarter horse.

Help us reach our goal of raising $25,000, find out more.

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Primarily Blondie, the horse, is a hitching post to where a passion to help others was born, but practically we use this inspiration to raise money to encourage and support patients by helping them with items like:

  • Organic Food & Gift Cards
  • Gas Cards (for outside Lane County treatment commuters)
  • IPad with Life Proof Cases
  • New Patient Gift Bags

We also would like to provide some assistance to the owners of Blondie with:

  • An updated shelter for Blondie
  • Food and other support costs

We Appreciate Your Support!

Your donation can be 100% tax deductible based on our 501C Non-Profit Organization status. See your accountant for any advice on your potential tax benefits.